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SchoolMation 2.0

State of New Hampshire


FullSite deployed SiteMation to deliver web sites for the State of New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development: Division of Economic Development; Office of Business and Industrial Development; Community Services; Procurement Technical Assistance Center; Office of International Commerce; and the International Trade Resource Center.


  • Content Management System: All content is managed using nothing more then a standard web browser.

  • Distributed publishing: The main website is updated by staff members from several offices, two of which are located over 30 miles apart.

  • Integration: Several SiteMation sites are integrated together so as each site can stand on its own, being accessed by a unique domain name, yet still function together as one global site for the New Hampshire Department of Economic Development.

  • Data Capture: Several forms are implemented to streamline data collection for appropriate office use.

  • Advanced News Publishing: A custom news publishing system was created to allow top-level editors to distribute news articles across various office sites as appropriate and to automatically collect all articles entered by each individual office so as site visitors can search all articles simultaneously from one location.

Quote  SiteMation Tip: SiteMation can provide you with the ability to dynamically create PDF documents directly from your web data.  Quote

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