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Delegate Responsibility

This helps to integrate your site into your business process.

SiteMation also allows you to have multiple website authors within your business. i.e. your product manager is given a login that will only allow them to update the product section. The same would occur with your marketing or sales team as well. You can of course just have one login and one person to update the whole website if you desire.

Sharing the responsibility of updating your website is a great way to ensure that it stays up to date. Your website should be a powerful business/marketing tool. Let appropriate people in your business have access to manage parts of your site that are most relevant to them.

It is possible for you to optionally have several individuals responsible for your site’s upkeep. We call this distributed publishing. This helps to integrate your site into your business process. Your SiteMation site is designed to be a productive tool to enhance and advance your business objectives.

Our consultants will discuss with you how to maximize SiteMation based on your business team and the unique needs of your business.

Quote  SiteMation Tip: SiteMation lets you change your site's text from anywhere in the world, using just a standard web-browser.  Quote

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