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Our modern graphic designs enhance the site’s usability and promote easy and logical navigation.

Qualified designers create customised SiteMation graphic designs during the development phase that are tailor made to suit your business needs or style. Almost any design can be implemented with SiteMation. We have much experience in matching the design to the functionality you require. We make a great effort to make sure your site is attractive and reflects your company's style and brand.

Our designers will work with you to ensure that your current brand is reflected and strengthened within your site’s design. If you do not have a corporate identity we can work with you to create one that will properly represent your company in both online and print media.

We specialise in implementing professional designs that demonstrate the uniqueness of your company and products. We are careful to make sure that your site loads quickly. Our modern graphic designs enhance the site’s usability and promote easy and logical navigation.

Our high-impact designs never interfere with the high levels of functionality that a SiteMation site offers you. We can work with you to integrate a current design theme and/or to create something totally from scratch.

Our designers know what works on the web. We also use modern CSS style sheets so that all user-inputted text and images will display consistently on your site, even if several different people are concurrently updating various areas of your site.

We can employ special graphics that randomly display so that your site always looks “fresh” to your visitors even if you have not manually changed any content since their last visit.

Quote  SiteMation Tip: SiteMation lets you change your site's images from anywhere in the world, using just a standard web-browser.  Quote

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