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What Do We Offer?

SiteMation is good in theory because it works in practice.

We have developed our own Content Management System "SiteMation". This means we can offer you the website you need within your budget.

SiteMation can be configured to handle a range of needs from a small business to a large Government or Corporate organisation. As this product is now fully developed you can take advantage of the cost savings that are created by implementing SiteMation to create your website.

SiteMation is a powerful web-based tool designed to enable technically unskilled users to create and maintain web content professionally and easily using only a standard web browser. SiteMation supports multiple authors (distributed publishing) with different access privileges, allowing organisations to have many people contribute to the one site. Proper authentication provides additional security.

FullSite offers a complete range of professional Web development, consulting and training services. We can help you build, maintain and develop your website, intranet and Internet requirements.

We can help you with:

  • Systems Analysis & Design

  • Strategic Consulting

  • Training

  • Custom Application Development

  • Web Design

  • Online Marketing & Adoption Plans

  • Usability Testing

  • Hosting

  • Multi-Media Design

  • Presentations

  • Intranet Design

  • Database Development and Systems Integration

  • Open Source Migration

  • Content Management

  • Process Management

  • Payment Systems and Gateways

  • And more…

Quote  SiteMation Tip: Quickly implement polls on your website. Find out what your clients really think about an issue. No perceptions -- just real data.  Quote

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